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Happy Wedding

Happy Wedding

We Make Your Dream True

Our Facilities

SATCOS made excellent fecilities for your wedding and events.book your wedding or event now and enjoy our specialities

Fully Air Conditioned Venue Hall

Fully air conditioned Venue hall with 600+ seats.Stylish interior and Seating arrange with balcony will gives you pre-eminent experence.

Fully Air Conditioned Dining Hall

Fully Air Conditioned Dining Hall with 250+ seats.You can choose a/c or non a/c.250+ seats makes your guest from rushes.

Mini hall

SATCOS mini hall for your little events like marriage engagement(Kalyana Nischayam).Enjoy SATCOS mini hall for cheapest cost.

About Us

SATCOS AUDITORIUM is formed in 2014, as a co operative society AUDITORIUM under Sreekandapuram Agricultural products and Toddy Co operative Society.

SATCOS auditorium is situated at mayil town ,only 15km from puthiyatheru and 10 km from taliparamba.SATCOS is very near to taliparamba now via Muyyam Bavuparambu Rd.SATCOS auditorium is the most modern auditorium in kannur district.SATCOS is suited for both the middle class family and upper middile class family.Because we provide an option for customer to choose A/C or Non A/C what they like.

What you want for for function most modern auditorium with minimum cost dont think more,just call and book your function today.For your wedding and all other events first choose is SATCOS.

SATCOS specialities include A/C Auditorium with 100% solar lighting system,A/C Mini conference hall for your little events,Automatically controlled stage curtain system,Modern aquastically treated auditorium,Modern aquastically treated auditorium,Modern Sound system,Orthofit-foldable chair system,Innovatively designed balconies,100% LED Lighting System,CCTV Surveillance System,Hi-Tech dining hall,Modern Kitchen,Fire & Gas Kitchen,Water Treatment Plan .

Our Specialities

Enjoy your wedding and events with SATCOS

A/C Auditorium

A/C Auditorium with 100% solar lighting system.

A/C Mini Hall

A/C Mini conference hall for your little events .


Automatically controlled stage curtain system.

Aquastically Treated

Modern aquastically treated auditorium.

Sound system

Modern Sound system.

Chair System

Orthofit-foldable chair system.


Innovatively designed balconies.

LED Lighting System

100% LED Lighting System.


CCTV Surveillance System.

Dining Hall

Hi-Tech dining hall.

Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen.

Fire & Gas Kitchen

Fire & Gas Kitchen .

Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plan .

We Make Your Dream Come Ture

Our Portfolio

Let us go to SATCOS gallery.

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